Frequently Asked Questions.

Working with Anokhi helps drive your e-commerce efforts, increases the value of your content and audience, and grows your business.  Contact us today to learn more.

If you’re working with SSPs, DSPs, ad networks, social media solutions and/or widgets, it’s highly likely your audience data is being mined aggressively.

You’re not giving away your audience by partnering with Anokhi.  You’re providing your audience the tools to take control of their data profiles, which reduces the ways in which their data is mined.  And remember, your audience is almost certainly already being “given away” (see next question).

That’s OK. We’ll still give them access to our product so they can bank with Anokhi, and you’ll still look good for introducing them to Anokhi and ensuring privacy compliance.

Your users will never have to pay out of pocket for Anokhi services.

We’ll work with you to help get the word out about Anokhi and the benefits to your users.  You decide the best way to deliver this message: email, push notification, links on your sites / apps…

It’s completely free to sign up with Anokhi.