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Building the world’s largest declared, opt-in user community.

We’re Anokhi, the consumer-friendly defense for our partners against legacy data miners. We help consumers securely store, manage and monetize their digital footprint via the Anokhi app, and then redeem their Anokhi points for products and services.

Along with our partners growing their business via consumer Anokhi redemptions, they are also able to purchase audience data directly from users instead of through data miners. If that’s not enough, Anokhi’s technology ensures our partners remain compliant with consumer privacy regulations now and in the future.

Partner with Anokhi and join the data revolution.
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How does it work?

Step 1

Partners introduce Anokhi to their users through the Anokhi Partner Portal

Step 2

As consumers sign up and get the Anokhi app, they decide what data they want to share and monetize.

Step 3

Data buyers pay for access to user data. These payments are deposited in the user’s Anokhi wallet, at which point the user can redeem the points for goods and services provided by our partners.

Anokhi delivers rich insights

Why should you become a partner?

  • Audience engagement: Offering access to Anokhi app places your brand at the forefront of the privacy debate and generates immeasurable goodwill with your users.
  • Data balance: Destroy the data advantage currently held by data miners.
  • Pricing advantage: Data miners and data management platforms gather your audience data at no cost. The free ride ends here.
  • Ecommerce: Your products and offers will receive top placement in the redemption cart for your sponsored users.

Why we’re Different?

  • Establishes consumer privacy and security advocacy
  • Retains users and develops trust
  • Direct access to larger consumer data sources
  • Generates favorable press

Want in?

Shoot us a note or contact us at and we’ll be in touch! 

Exclusive: The Early Access Program

For a limited time, new partners receive special benefits on the Anokhi platform.